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If you want a little light reading during the lockdown, look no further!

Thanks to the various lockdowns, one of our members Gordon Wallace has managed to get his fourth e-book published much sooner than expected. It’s here! It’s available on Amazon, Apple Books and a number of other platforms (Just search his name). The details are below. If you read it and like it, please find a few moments to leave a review wherever you purchased it. And don’t forget the first three if you haven’t read them! Enjoy! (hopefully)

No End to the Trouble by Gordon Wallace

An unexpected phone call …

A mission to America ...

A whispered secret ...

George Waterstone receives an unexpected phone call from a lawyer in San Francisco. A relative he didn’t know he had is dying and asking for him. He sees this as an opportunity for a brief holiday, little knowing that his life would be in danger.

This is Gordon Wallace’s fourth novel in the George Waterstone Series, following on from La Maison du Maître, A Scent of Suspicion and A Slippery Slope, inspired by time spent travelling in Europe and America.